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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  December 13, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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again, that can cause systemic problems after being off of alcohol for a while. your blood pressure can go too high. it can sometimes get too low. >> reporter: again, a probable cause listed in spalding's death. she disappeared from her hospital room september 21st and was found 17 days later in a stairwell. a big question in the multiple investigations into why she wasn't found sooner was when did she die? the medical examiner's report does not answer that question. instead, it simply notes that spalding, quote, was deceased for some days before being found. we're still looking for more answers in the case. we were the first to forward the autopsy report to the attorney for the spalding family. at 6:00, we'll have reaction from him. for now, reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2news. the delay in lynn spalding's autopsy results is being blamed on a backlog of cases at the medical examiner's
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office. just three days ago, 2 investigates learned a city supervise has called for a hearing into the backlog problem. the sheriff's department, which handles security at the hospital, has also launched an internal investigation. a preliminary investigation showed that when spalding first disappeared, the sheriff's department was confused about her race. no one ordered a full search of the opt until nine days after she disappeared. and after some reported that a person -- someone reported that a person was lying in the stairwell, the sheriff's department was told, but the stairwell was never searched. developing news now in colorado, a school shooting leaves two students injured and the student gunman dead. it happened at arapahoe high school in centennial, colorado, south of denver, about 8 miles east of columbine high school in littleton. the shooting today brought back memories of the mass shooting at columbine high in 1999. many people who rushed to the scene said that today's
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shooting hit way too close to home. >> reporter: helicopter footage gives a first look at the scene at today's school shooting at arapahoe high school. students leaving their classrooms with their arms over their heads, as police and s.w.a.t. teams stormed the building. frantic parents rushed to the school. >> scared to death. scared. we moved here right before columbine, so i'm fairly nervous. >> reporter: the mass shooting at columbine high school 14 years ago was on the minds of many. >> my husband was a freshman at columbine, so he's freaking out right now. it's bringing back horrible memories of that. >> reporter: the sheriff says a student entered arapahoe high, carrying a shotgun, looking for a teacher he identified by name. >> it was clear that he was armed with a shotgun. he made no effort to hide it or conceal it. he carried it into the school as he entered the school. >> reporter: that targeted teacher immediately left the school when he learned the student was looking for him. the students described confusion and chaos when the
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gunman opened fire. >> all of a sudden we heard a really loud bang and my teacher asked what it was and then we heard two more and we all just got up and screamed. >> our teacher was trying to calm us down and a couple people were crying and they were just all in the moment. we couldn't really think at all. >> reporter: the gunman shot two students, one of whom confronted him. one victim is in serious condition at a hospital. the other has a minor gunshot wound. investigators say the shooter was acting alone. >> the suspect has been found inside the school and he is deceased as a result of a self- inflicted gunshot wound. >> the arapahoe county sheriff said this afternoon that authorities found a possible molotov cocktail at the shooting scene. tonight, investigators are examining the device. they have yet to identify the gunman or give a motoring for the shooting. today's shooting at arapahoe high comes one day before the nation marks one year since a shooting at sandy
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hook elementary in newtown, connecticut. at a vigil honoring the victims of sandy hook, word spread of the shooting in colorado. ktvu's anne rubin is in san francisco tonight and shows us how the news affected the message today. >> reporter: well, those rallying here today says this underscores what they have been saying that, more needs to be done to prevent tragedies like these. tomorrow marks the anniversary of sandy hook that claimed 26 lives. the rally was put on by the brady campaign to prevent gun violence, along with several coalition partners. they say it's important to remember those that were killed in newtown, connecticut, but also to remember the public outrage in the days that followed. they say that should have been translated into action, into a way to prevent other school shootings. but instead, there was another incident just today. the rally was attended by state senators, the police chief, and the district attorney, among others, all calling for a cease- fire. >> it's also to remind that nothing has been done.
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we were all so saddened and upset about the newtown tragedy. but what have we done? >> we are just devastated, like something that no one can seem to stop. >> i get mad. i see them up there saying kids, not guns, when we should be protecting our kids with our guns. >> reporter: there were a few nra members in attendance with their own views on how to prevent school violence. the antigun rallies will continue tomorrow, with a youth martha begins at noon. live in san francisco, anne rubin, ktvu channel 2news. one year after the tragedy at sandy hook elementary, some say enough hasn't been done in washington to keep it from happening again. coming up in the next half hour, the call to action made today on capitol hill. police shut down multiple lanes of the san mateo bridge this afternoon, searching for a man who jumped into the water after a crash. as scene by news chopper 2, the man was clinging towards a rope as he swam to coastguard boats. it took three rescuers to pull
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him out. police say the man was arguing with a family member before he jumped into the water. all lanes of the bridge reopened at about 4:30, but traffic was backed up. oakland has been struggling with a spike in car jackings and robberies in the past week. there have been two car jackings in two days, just three blocks apart. john sasaki joins us with the latest information on a crime committed by a child. >> reporter: police are trying to figure out if all the crimes are related, but even they seem surprised by the age of today's alleged carjacker. the stolen car crashed on the side in the front yards of two homes in west oakland. >> all of a sudden i heard a screech and it sounded like a big car crash or pile-up had happened. >> reporter: here's a photo taken by a nearby worker that shows police with guns drawn, telling the suspect to come out. >> about 15 guns pointed at the car and i did not know what to think. completely mind-blowing, extremely scary. >> reporter: officers were in pursuit after receiving the car jacking report. they did a pit maneuver to stop
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the car and it crashed throughout front steps of this woman's home. >> i finally opened the door and the police told me what was going on, that a kid, 13 years old. >> reporter: that's right. police say the alleged carjacker is just 13 years old. >> i was 13, i was trying to think about getting to high school. >> reporter: it all started around 10:30 this morning at 9th and alice streets when a 78- year-old man was getting something out of his trunk. >> someone came up from the side and took his keys and then hopped into his car and took off with it. >> reporter: also threatening the victim, saying he had a gun. this man knows the victim and was shocked to hear about the suspect. >> if it really was a 13-year- old who decided to do that, that is, you know -- i expect better. that's for sure. >> reporter: police never found a weapon in the car. the other car jacking was at 6th and alice yesterday. coming up at 6:00, what police are saying about the city's
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recent spike in car jackings and robberies. live in oakland, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2news. bart and its two largers unions are still holding talks about a disputed contract provision without any word of progress. they plan to talk into the early evening and then break for the weekend. it's not clear when they will return to the bargaining table. the unions approved the contract with a six-week family leave provision that bart says was left in there by mistake. bart's board okayed the contract, but only without that provision. all of this means it is potentially possible that if they can't reach an agreement, bart workers could go out on strike again. the game isn't over yet in san jose's fight to try to bring the oakland a's to the south bay. but it's a fight that will be tied up in court for quite sometime. today, a federal judge indicated that it will probably rule san jose can appeal an earlier court order. that order dismissed the city's argument against major league baseball's antitrust exemption. it's a power that allows mlb to
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decide where teams can play. >> we want this decision to move up the chain to the appeals court, ultimately to the supreme court, because we know major league baseball doesn't want it there. >> today's hearing in san joseed federal court was the first since it was revealed major league baseball rejected the a's application to relocate months ago. the judge is expected to issue his official ruling in writing within a week. in just about an hour here, a fund-raiser meeting by the oakland sports fans. tonight's meeting is scheduled for 6:30 at ricky's in san leandro, a popular gathering spot for oakland sports fans. . after days of freeze warnings and frost advisories all across the bay area, it is finally starting to warm up. this is a live picture here from oakland, where it hit 61 degrees today, and this weekend temperatures are expected to go up even more.
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ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo has been tracking the warmup. >> mark is live in the weather center with where things are right now and where we're headed. >> it's hard to believe just a few days ago we were talking subzero temperatures, readings down to 18, 19 degrees. things have been trending up. we're seeing more 60s out there, still have haze with air quality coming down. as far as temperatures from this afternoon, lots of 60s to report toward livermore, antioch, fairfield, santa rosa, 63, but still lots of upper 50s for pacifica, san francisco, and heyward. we started out the month, using the term cold snap quite a bit, with 20s and 30s out there. but the warmer forecast is verified nicely, especially into the weekend. two weather stories, last monday had the freeze warnings, temperatures in the 20s and 30s. today, recovering. look what direction we're heading. warming back up, lots of sunshine, temperatures on track to reach the 60s. warmest locations could be approaching the 70-degree mark. coming up in 10 minutes, we'll take a look at the warmest day of the week in our five-day
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forecast. we'll also break down the rain chances, at least the slight chance of a few showers coming up next week. a reminder, you can follow mark and the rest of the ktvu weather team online. they are posting updates to twitter and facebook, even when we're not on the air. spare the air alerts are in effect for tonight and tomorrow morning for the bay area, extending the alerts to seven straight days. it sile legal to burn wood or manufacture fire woods in your wood stove unless that's your only source of heat. violators could be fined $100 for a first offense or be asked to take a wood smoke awareness course. a second offense carries a $500 fine. a family from the east bay wakes up to smoke and flames. >> they were really high. everything started off really, really fast. >> new at 5:30, what made this home burn so fast and what firefighters say started it. >> plus, congress is one step closer to a budget deal, but it
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could cost you. the one part of the agreement that may affect people immediately and why some say it's necessary. >> but first, loved ones remember the victim of a deadly dui crash. >> reid was always an incredibly caring, compassionate and devoted human being. >> tonight, what we're learning about the man being held responsible for his death. middle-earth is back at denny's
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. it was man overboard in the east bay this morning. witnesses say a man was in the water calling for help as a 12- foot boat circled near him near the emeryville marina. rescuers plucked him from the water and took him to land. >> apparently just fell off. absolutely flat water out there and his boat is going around in circles and he's in the water.
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>> there were no indications the man was injured. a caring and compassionate human being. that's how reid whitaker, a highland hospital employee is being remembered tonight. the chp says whitaker was killed by a drunk driver on interstate 580 while on his way to work. mike mibach is live with new information on the man chp arrested. mike? >> reporter: well, gasia, tonight, the man is out of jail. he is 53-year-old prim garcia. showing you the booking photo taken at the jail in dublin. alameda sheriff's department says garcia posted $125,000 bail at 2:15 today and is a free man for now. tonight in livermore, tucked away along the side toward the back is a jeep cherokee, mangled, charred from front to back, side to side. chp says it was prim garcia who crashed into the jeep yesterday on 580 in livermore, killing reid whitaker of livermore. whitt whitaker was on his way
5:16 pm
to the hospital, where he is an er tech. employees say he will be missed. >> reid was always an incredibly caring, compassionate and devoted human being. >> reporter: eve graham owns royal ambulance. it's here where she says whitt carry worked for two and a half years as an emt and field training officer. >> he was all about helping others, helping his community, helping those who needed the help the most. >> reporter: chp says garcia was arrested for suspicion of felony vehicular manslaughter and felony drunk driving after crashing into whitaker. now tonight, garcia is free on bail while whitaker is being mourned by those who loved him. >> he was about public service and he truly was a hero in the eyes of many. >> reporter: reid whitaker's parents do live in the east bay and at their home today, his mother, through a family friend, declinedded to speak with us about the loss of her
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son. live in livermore, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2news. the fbi is offering a $250,000 reward for an animal rights activist who they say set off explosions at two bay area companies. 35-year-old daniel andreas san diego is accused of trying to blow up a biotech firm and a nutrition company, about a month apart in 2003. agents believe he targeted the companies for their ties to another firm that used animals in scientific research. the fbi considers him armed and dangerous because of his bomb- making skills. >> i think it's important to let the community know that he still is a danger and we would very much like to get him into, into custody, if possible, not only for the community's sake, but for his sake. >> the agency says tips have placed the fugitive in northern california and on the east coast. a planned terror attack against a u.s. airport has been stopped. terry lelo han was arrested
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this morning at the airport in wicht. investigators say he planned to drive a car that he thought was full of explosives right into a terminal at the airport. lohan works at the airport. he been under investigation for about six months after he made statements about wanting to commit violent jihad against the united states. back to our bay area weather, temperatures are a far cry from where we were a few days ago. let's go to meteorologist mark tamayo. >> we're warming out there, with more 70s eventually across parts of the bay area. we started the week with temperatures around 18, 19, 20 degrees, record lows, arctic air mass and a canadian air mass has moved out. as a result, we do have clearing skies, high skies, and patchy fog developing offshore. here we go with clouds moving into parts of mendocino county, parts of sonoma county as well. current temperatures are dropping off. we do have upper 40s already to report in fairfield. the overnight hours, morning
5:19 pm
hours, still chilly, not as cold as a few mornings ago, but still pretty cold. showing you 57 right now in san francisco. mountain view currently at 53 degrees. another day of -- another round of spare the air days, as you see looking toward the south bay. this is at 3:15, pulling out the haze here. for tomorrow, once again, air quality levels not so great. we have the stable layer of air above us, troping the pollutants. you get an idea of the reference, on the scale of the yellow and oranges. today could come up from friday and saturday. santa clara valley coming up from 102 to 105. most of the rest of the region, not too much change except for the north bay, 59 to 72. a little bit of a decrease in the air quality, as you see heading into saturday and possibly into sunday and monday, but no real strong storms, no storms to mix things out. overnight lows in the 30s, so bundle up in santa rosa, napa. san francisco, 42. san jose to start out your saturday morning, 36 degrees. the north bay, off to a cold
5:20 pm
start. tracking patchy frost to start out the day. san rafael, santa rosa, napa, cool mornings in the 7:00 hour, but a completely different story into the afternoon, back up into the upper 50s to lower 60s by 2:00 or 3:00. san francisco in the peninsula, patchy fog approaching the region right now. could be a factor tomorrow morning, especially toward pacifica. temperatures by 3:00, upper 50s to near 60 degrees. east bay neighborhoods, definitely bundle up here. a cool start to the day, as you can see, coming up with 30s and 40s. oakland, 40 degrees, afternoon highs in the lower 60s. hazy sunshine in the south bay as well, with san jose and spare the air day in place for tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow will be warmer than today. instead of the 50s, we're talking about lower 60s for tomorrow afternoon. so forecast highs for your saturday, these numbers, mainly in the upper 50s to low 60s. antioch, 61. san jose, forecast high of 62. san mateo, 60 degrees. we have some more warming to talk about. sunday, the warming continues.
5:21 pm
monday will be the warmest day of the week. then we bring in a few extra clouds, gusty winds by tuesday and wednesday. forecast models bring in the chance of a few showers. not here in the bay area by wednesday, but basically up to our north, way up to eureka. >> the waiting continues. >> we are waiting, yeah. >> thanks, mark. twitter has moved quickly to undo a new policy about blocking unwanted followers. the policy allowed blocked users to continue following the person who was blocking them and even retweet them. and the blocker couldn't see any of that activity, but everyone else could. twitter received immediate and angry tweets reminding the company that's simply not responding to harassment doesn't mean that the harassment has stopped. twitter blogged today it never wants to introduce features that make users feel less safe. a huge mega millions jackpot up for grabs tonight. hundreds of millions of dollars for the potential winner, but we explain how changes to the game have made your chances of winning even slimmer.
5:22 pm
>> now to julie haener in our newsroom with what we're working on for 6:00. >> reporter: 5000 applicants. >> a life-long dream. >> reporter: but one of the youngest san francisco firefighter recruits told us about his journey to graduation day. >> plus, thinking twice about the tsunami evacuation signs. new information about what you can do to ease damages and devastation. these stories and much more, coming up new at 6:00. yes you did. yes you did. no i didn't. no i didn't.
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. the odds are against it in big way, but lottery players are hoping friday the 13th is their lucky day. that's because tonight's mega millions jackpot is now $425 million. >> somebody's going to be lucky and i think it's going to be me! >> i hate to break it to him, but dreams of winning will almost certainly be dashed. that's because the odds of hitting it big in the multistate mega millions drawing are small, really,  really small. your chance of winning is about 1 in 259 million. at those odds, you're more likely to die from being struck by lightning or being hit by an asteroid. what's adding to the long odds is that back in october, lottery officials changed the game. now the six winning numbers are among 75 lottery balls instead of 56, and there are now just 15 mega balls. winning isn't probable, but it is possible. that's why some people already have big plans if they win big.
5:26 pm
>> pay off my debt, pay for my mba. >> definitely travel the world, just not work so hard. >> buy a house, buy everything for my family, new cars. >> the jackpot is $425 million, because no one has won the last 20 drawings. if there is no winner tonight, that jackpot will get even bigger. the drawing takes place after ticket sales close at 7:45. there is going to be a show in the sky over the bay area this weekend, with the annual gemenid meteor shower peaking. the best time will be between 3:45 and 5:45 tomorrow morning, but it's going to be cold. you could see more than a hundred shooting stars per hour if the skies are clear. the meteors are actualry remains of an asteroid whose fragments burn up in the atmosphere as the planet passes through the field of debris. one bay area city is facing big pipe problems.
5:27 pm
>> reporter: a mystery in mill bray. why did six water pipes suddenly break, and how some residents are coping without any running water. >> and one year after the sandy hook masacre, a group of moms come to capitol hill, pleading for more to be done. their blunt assessment of how congress has handled the situation so far. >> and later, tens of thousands of dollars for paintings of government officials? legislation that could put an end to that kind of spending. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive
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. crews in one bay area city go from one emergency call to the next, after six separate water lines break in a span of just seven hours. officials in mill bray say they can't remember anything like this happening before. >> rob roth is in mill bray tonight. rob, you talked to city leaders and also folks trying to figure out a way to deal with no water today. >> reporter: right, frank. one of the water line ruptures here along residential helen drive. work crews finished up near where the cones are.
5:31 pm
city leaders say there's no guarantee the lines won't happen again. the first water pipe broke about 11:30 last night. by early morning, millbrae water department crews reported five more had burst in different parts of town. >> phenomenal. i haven't heard of any other city that had to deal with that sort of issue. >> reporter: while crews were replacing the pikes, mickey bruner was returning home from the market. >> i have live crab here. >> reporter: she planned on putting them in a pot of boiling water, but there was one problem. she had no water. she was one of about a thousand millbrae residents who were without water at some point last night. >> i can't imagine going to work without washing my hair and being able to, you know, get ready for work. >> reporter: millbrae city engineers are still trying to figure out why there were so many breaks in the same water distribution system. officials say the pipes are 65 years old and were only built to last 50 years, but why so many breaks in a short time span? >> it's not easy when you don't have your water. you appreciate it. >> reporter: the millbrae mayor says it may be time to replace
5:32 pm
the water pipeline system, but there isn't the money to do that. >> 65-year-old pipe, we really do need to look at all of our infrastructure. that's a challenge for our city. >> reporter: but for now, this neighbor just hopes the water comes back on in his house before his teenager boys get home. >> both kids have basketball games this afternoon, so they will be coming home sweaty this evening and be needing a shower. >> reporter: we just spoke with city officials. 25 homes are still without water, but they should have it by 8:00 tonight. water department workers will be on the job tonight and throughout the weekend in case any more pipes burst. reporting live in millbrae, rob roth, ktvu channel 2news. in san francisco, police have made an arrest following a deadly stabbing in the city's mission district. police found the unidentified victim last night in an alley between 15th and 16th streets. he had been stabbed in the chest. after gathering information at the scene, police arrested 58- year-old william randallston of san francisco. witnesses say they had seen the victim arguing with two men
5:33 pm
just before the stabbing. members of an oakland family are lucky to be alive after escaping an early morning house fire. as ktvu's katie yutes reports, the family tried to stay warm on a cold night. >> big noise outside. >> reporter: around 2:30 this morning, flames ripped through an east oakland home near 90th avenue and a street. >> they were really high. everything started off really, really fast. by the time the second firefighter came, it was from front to back. >> reporter: a man, woman and their baby boy escaped through the front door. investigators say the family was using the kitchen stove to keep warm and that caused the fire. >> the sound of the fire, smoke pretty much woke the family up. they pretty much escaped, no harm. >> reporter: but the fire raged, damaging homes on both sides. >> it was a quick-moving fire. when we got on scene, it was fully involved. we wanted to slow the flames. >> reporter: the duplex to the left is unoccupied.
5:34 pm
on the right, a family is moving in, but still not living there. it took crews a half an hour to get the flames under control. firefighters tell me homes like this one pose extra challenges for them. it's manufactured, so made in a facility you can see where it's nailed together here, then delivered to the site. the siding is thinner, the walls are thinner, and flames tear through these types of homes. you can see the home to the left, it has a siding of stucco which fares better in fires. >> the heat, smoke and flames. >> reporter: as the charred home still smol deared, firefighters showed us inside. >> the prefab homes, floors give out, fires spread faster. >> reporter: fast enough, several dogs did not escape. and now the family is staying at a local hotel with help from the red cross. in oakland, ktvu channel 2news. an investigation is under way in heyward after an explosion and fire ripped through a single-family home there. it happened about 5:00 a.m. at this home on fairview
5:35 pm
avenue. firefighters say when they arrived, it was fully engulfed in flames. the man inside the house made it out with minor injuries. that's remarkable, considering the explosion knocked the front door off its hinges and blew it several feet away. it also broke several windows around the neighborhood. >> i heard a big crash, a boom and a crash. i thought somebody threw a brick or something through my window. i have a big plate glass window that's 5 x 7. it blew out and i didn't know what had happened. >> fire crews at the scene say it appears a gas leak in a clothes dryer started the fire. about 1500 people are volunteering to help revitalize a school in a low income neighborhood in san jose. robert handa tells us the makeover is lifting the spirit of students and also the entire neighborhood. >> reporter: 22-year-old herman gruel is back on home turf and wants it to look good. he is one of 15 -- 1500
5:36 pm
volunteers working on the makeover. >> less and less resources devoted to the school, books, computer labs decreasing as i was going on in school. >> reporter: tough times in the school district led to the volunteer effort, with materials and labor supplied by san jose, community group, and nvidia, totalling about $1 million. >> this is families and people of different disciplines, different communities. we're all here for the same purpose. >> reporter: the goal is not just beautification. >> revitalizing a space is fundamental to encouraging kids to come to school and stay in school. >> we have to understand that if we don't reach them, they can easily be reached by gangs and different groups. >> reporter: leaders say the project benefits the whole community. >> we're doing a wheel field for soccer, for football, for little league, you know, for the community to use, with lights, bleachers. it's just an awesome, awesome thing that's going on here today. >> reporter: gruel isn't sure kids will believe it.
5:37 pm
>> i think it will be almost a shock to them because they are so used to being overlooked. >> reporter: about a thousand workers will be on hand tomorrow to wrap up the makeover. they say when students return on monday, they won't see just a school that looks different; they will see a different school all together. robert han today, ktvu channel 2news. with just a minor crash, it caused major problems. what a van ran into that forced a school in the north bay to close for the entire day. >> and later, why the new budget deal could mean your next flight will cost you more money. [ screaming ] >> first, nfl quarterbacks appear in commercial ads all the time, so why does this ad featuring colin kaepernick have some football fans so upset?
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5:40 pm
surveillance video picks up a lion in millbrae, about 2:00 a.m., at a home on encina drive. the mountain lion apparently jumped over a 6-foot fence. we're told it may have been attracted by a large pond full of coy. tense moments today in pretoria at the place where the body of nelson mandela was lying in state.
5:41 pm
several hundred people wanted to pay their last respects and broke through police barriers and stormed the building. police peacefully brought them back in line, although thousands were unable to pass mandela's coffin. huge crowds then lined the road as the antiapartheid leader's body was taken to a military hospital. the funeral service for mandela will take place in his hometown on sunday. our coverage will begin at 11:00 tomorrow night. you can watch the funeral live right here on ktvu and on you probably heard about the man accused of faking sign language at nelson mandela's memorial service. but that's not even the worst of it. the south african government is now investigating whether that fake interpreter once faced a murder charge. during the service, the man was within an arm's length of president obama and other world leaders. the south african government says it's looking into just how he was selected to be part of that service. seattle seahawks fans are taking their football rivalry
5:42 pm
with the san francisco 49ers to a whole new level all because of a commercial. [ crowds yelling ] >> seahawks fans are angry over how they are portrayed in this commercial. you see here fans yelling at niners quarterback kaepernick, who blocks out the noise with his headphones. some in seattle say they plan to boycott the headphones company, beats by dr. dre. up next, a push today on capitol hill for tougher regulations on guns. >> superstar recording artist beyonce has been keeping a little secret. the holiday gift she delivered to music fans today. >> the bay area warming trend remains right on track. coming up, where we could have a few clouds first thing tomorrow morning. the warmest day of the weekend, and we'll let you know when gusty winds will pay us a visit. wouldn't it be nice if there was a wireless company
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i'm in! stop by your neighborhood aio store or visit aio, a new way to wireless.
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. a long weekend for students at a san rafael school. a mini van hit the school last night, rupturing gas and electric lines. a picture was tweeted out by the san rafael fire department.
5:46 pm
repairs are under way. school officials say the power should be back on in time for classes on monday. tomorrow marks one year since the sandy hook elementary school shooting. today on capitol hill, a group of moms came to meet with lawmakers. jacquelyn fell tells us they are not happy with what congress has done since the masacre. >> reporter: they are women, many of them moms, who say they have had enough. >> i would think congress would act. >> reporter: when a disturbed man gunned down 20 children and six staffers in newtown, connecticut, it could have changed laws. but one year later, congress hasn't passed any major legislation. we had the only camera in the room, as moms demand action for gun sense in america, met with house minority leader nancy pelosi. they are pleading for a vote on a bill requiring more background checks before gun sales. that narrowly failed in the senate this year. gun control supporters want a
5:47 pm
second vote before congressional elections next year. >> when we go dot polls, we whowndz is a coward and who is brave. >> reporter: pelosi says it's time for the senate to hold another vote. >> the excuse is not just in the house is a reason. it's an excuse. >> reporter: a similar bipartisan bill has nearly 200 sponsors in the house. napa congressman mike thompson is still trying to gain more support for the bill. >> this is important and it saves lives. we'll explain how it saves lives. >> reporter: thompson says the bill has enough support to pass, but so far, house leaders haven't let it come up for a vote n washington, ktvu channel 2news. here in the bay area, gun buyback events are set for tomorrow to mark one year since the sandy hook masacre. guns can be dropped off in san francisco, oakland, and san jose. $100 will be offered for handguns, $200 for assault weapons. in san francisco, the event is being held at the alive and free omega boys club from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. in oakland, it will be held at
5:48 pm
youth uprising from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in san jose, it's at our lady of guadalupe church from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. go to for more details on the gun buyback events. you'll also find a list of other memorials scheduled for this weekend to honor all of those little sandy hook victims. that's under our hot topics section. in just a few hours, local law enforcement agencies are scheduled to kickoff this holiday season's dui enforcement campaign with check points throughout the bay area. it's called the avoid the dui campaign. it begins tonight and runs through january 1st. during the this evening's crackdown, ride-alongs will be held. check points are scheduled in oakland, sonoma and san mateo county. let's talk about our weather. i'm sure i'm not the only one who is sick and tired of being cold. finally it's warming up a bit. >> we'll hold on to the cold mornings, but the afternoons are definitely back up into the
5:49 pm
60s. eventually we could be talking about low 70s. for tonight, temperatures are dropping off rapidly, a few upper 40s out there. lots of 50s during the 5:00 hour. on the satellite right now, the main storm track is way up to our north. the storm track remains a distant stranger for us. a few high clouds approaching the north bay. we'll have scattered clouds on the increase late tonight, into early saturday morning. current temperatures, showing you the cold numbers out there. fairfield right now at 48 degrees. same for novato. san jose at last check, reporting 55 degrees and partly cloudy skies. this was the time lapse from this evening during the 4:00 hour, just beautiful looking out toward san francisco. but of course we have all the haze out there. that's why we do have the spare the air day in place for your saturday. for tonight, we do have this mostly clear skies and cool temperatures. here is our live camera right now, looking out toward the bay bridge and san francisco out in the distance. then for this weekend, hazy skies, warmer out there. we're talking more low 60s. lots of 50s for today. warmest locations for saturday, in the lower 60s.
5:50 pm
warming will continue into sunday. then the extended forecast, a few extra clouds, sun/cloud mix. notice the main storm energy remains way out of our forecast picture. no rain clouds in our five-day forecast. so this weekend, a dry weather pattern, as high pressure is offshore. this is strengthening and expanding, so the net result for us, we're going to trend things up with temperatures for saturday. sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend. by monday, that will be the warmest day of the week. that means temperatures inland could be around -- not only for inland, but around the bay, a few neighborhoods around 70 degrees. so patchy morning fog, hazy sunshine. that will be the repeating theme for saturday, sunday and monday. here is our forecast model, showing you this in the short- term. patchy fog in the morning, some overcast and clearing skies into the afternoon hours, with partly to mostly sunny conditions. start out the day with a few clouds out there, patchy fog, low 30s to 40. hazy sunshine by 3:00, temperatures on track to reach
5:51 pm
the upper 50s to lower 60s. numbers, not a big change from today. a few neighborhoods up by a few degrees. minor warming out there as we head into your bay area weekend. here is your five-day forecast with weekend always in view. temperatures continue to trend upward for sunday and monday. we cool things off beginning tuesday. we'll also bring in a few extra clouds for tuesday and wednesday. warm afternoon, temperatures overnight cool. cool spots in the low 30s. that's coming up in the 6:00 hour. >> no rain? >> no rain clouds and possibly, kind of hard to say, but possibly for the remainder of the year. we'll keep an eye on that. >> thanks, mark. well, how about this? beyonce didn't tell anyone she was making a new album until she released it by surprise on itunes. ♪ >> the album has 14 songs and 17 videos. jay-z, drake, justin timberlake and frank ocean are among the
5:52 pm
artists who perform with her. promoters hope to have the album in stores before the holidays. it's being called a security fee, but some travelers say they want to know why they could soon be paying more to fly. >> i would want to learn a little bit more as to why. >> why it all comes down to the budget deal currently in the works. >> back now to julie haener in the newsroom with more for 6:00. >> reporter: 13 years old and accused of stealing a car. >> i did not know what to think. it was completely mind-blowing. >> reporter: police talk with us about how the suspected crime fits into a recent trend. >> plus, new information on bay area tsunami preparations. steps you can take to ease the damages. these stories and more, coming up in about 10 minutes, at 6:00.
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5:55 pm
. sonoma county supervisor pleaded not guilty to charges he peeked into the home of a female neighbor. despite today's plea, the 31- year-old supervisor has apologized for what happened. about 3:40 in the morning on july 13th, the unidentified woman called police to report that someone was trying to get into her bedroom window. police found the man nearby. the woman's attorney says her client is frustrated by the delays and believes if korea was really remorseful, he would
5:56 pm
have pleaded guilty. republican leaders in the senate are objecting to the budget bill just passed by the house. a bipartisan truce today in the senate ended a long floor session, clearing the way for debate about the budget. while democrats are hailing the house budget as a compromise, republicans say they won't support the bill because it removes some sequester cuts and doesn't reduce debt. >> not to vote for this because i would like to see us, at a minimum, stick with current law with regard to the total amount of money that we spend in washington. i think most of the american people are demanding nothing less than that. >> maybe we can build on some of what we've seen this week and turn it into something even better. >> i'm very much-- >> in the meeting with the nation's mayors, the president says if the deal is passed by tuesday, it would prevent government shutdowns for two years. the budget deal will impact how much it costs to you fly in the post-9/11 world. shannon travis has deals. >> reporter: an idea in the budget deal would cause you to
5:57 pm
pay more to fly. the deal cuts out millions in forced spending cuts over the next two years. the deal proposes higher fees tacked onto airfare to help pay for tsa security, this scheduled 9/11 security fee established after the tsa was created after 9/11. when you fly, you're charged $2.50 each way, one or more connecting flights, up to $5 each way. but if this budget passes, starting july you would pay $5.60 each way, with or without connections. so instead of $5 in security fees for a nonstop round trip, you would pay $11.20. the logic? >> before 9/11, the person getting on an airplane paid for all of their security when they paid for their ticket. since 9/11, that person is paying for less than 40% of their security and the nonflying public is subsidizing the rest of it. we think the users should pay
5:58 pm
for the services they are using. >> reporter: flyers say? >> going towards extra security or a little better security system going through the process, i would be for it. >> i would want to learn a little bit more as to why it's expensive to flie. >> reporter: some airline advocates argue the fee hike won't increase security or shorten airport lines. cnn reached out to airlines. all referred to a statement from airlines for america, a trade group that said, quote, airlines and our customers are already overtaxed and we are disappointed that fees on air travel were increased and believe those higher taxes will impact demand, jobs, and our economy. in washington, i'm shannon travis, ktvu channel 2news. oil paintings of government leaders can cost up to $40,000 apiece. you may recall this spring our washington bureau reported on a bill in the house of representatives to eliminate public funds for those type of portraits. now, a similar bill has been introduced in the senate. the legislation would set a $20,000 limit on government portraits, and it would
5:59 pm
restrict the paintings to officials in the presidential line of succession. no word yet if the senate will vote on the bill. now at 6:00, we are learning more tonight about how lynn spalding died, but how she disappeared from her hospital room for 18 days is still a mystery. the big question the autopsy doesn't answer. >> new information tonight about the likelihood of a devastating tsunami striking the bay area. >> the economic losses would be 5 to $10 billion, but a lot of that can be mitigated. >> what you can do right now to protect yourself. >> a bay area city is on standby tonight after a series of water pipeline breaks. the vulnerability that has the mayor saying it could easily happen again. . we know how lynn spalding died, but there is still much
6:00 pm
we don't know about her mist sister u.s. disappearance and death in a san francisco hospital. >> the autopsy was released today, two and a half months after lynn spalding's body was found at san francisco general. our 2 investigates team has been working to get the results of that autopsy. it comes just three days after we reported on the backlog at the medical examiner's office. ktvu's david stevenson just spoke with an attorney for the spalding family and learned of their angry reaction. david? >> reporter: well, julie, the release of this report this afternoon today caught a lot of people by surprise. in fact, we ended up providing it to the spalding family attorney. significantly, it does not list precisely when spalding died during the 17 days that she disappeared, but it does list a probable cause of death. here is what it says. probable electrolyte imbalance with delirium, clinical sepsis while in stairwell, due to complications of chronic ethanollism, clinical


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